Common Issues

This page aims to collect all common issues with various SBCs and images.

1. General Emulation


Low Audio

Some games, such as Mortal Kombat 2, have a low volume setting in emulators like MAME 2003. To fix this, you will need a keyboard to press F2 on to access the Service Menu, then you can adjust the audio to your desired level: it is advised to keep audio from going higher than 80%-90% to avoid distortion.

This problem is addressed in MAME 2003 Plus.

2. RetroPie


Asking for Password

From Emulation Station, go into RetroPie Configuration, Raspi-Config, "Boot Options", "Desktop / CLI", "Console Autologin", then restart and it will start automatically logging in again.


No Audio

From Emulation Station, go into RetroPie Configuration, Audio, then select where audio should be output to.

After you are back in RetroPie Configuration, go to Raspi-Config, "Advanced Options", Audio, then force the audio to where it should be output to.


Emulation Station - Controller Reset


Samba-Shares - Windows Network Name Resolution Malfunction

If you can no longer connect to your system via the Windows UNC, "\\RETROPIE", share, then try this from an Admin Command Prompt (on the Windows box):

netsh winsock reset

Alternatively, you can should always be able to connect directly using the RetroPie system's local network address. Use the following (on the RetroPie box):

sudo ifconfig

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