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SBC stands for Single Board Computers. These are generally computers that run a form of ARM software such as the Raspberry Pi and ODROID, though we welcome all SBCs and other devices such as the Terasic DE10-Nano, NES/SNES Classic, RS-97, or Bittboy.

Here at SBC Gaming, we like to use these devices to emulate various consoles, handhelds, and PCs. Our goal is to become a central source of information on all SBCs, accompanying images (pre-configured OS builds), and any other hardware or software related to those.

We are currently a work-in-progress as most of us admins work full time as well as try to manage and create content. If you need immediate help, then check out our Discord Server. Also, check out our subreddit r/SBCGaming.

Getting Started

  1. Prerequisites - Make sure you have the tools you need to make a gaming SBC.
  2. Single Board Computers - Become familiar with these miniscule marvels of modern technology.
  3. Images - Learn about the various preconfigured OS builds.
  4. Cases - Choose a case that meets your needs.
  5. Storage - Figure out how much space you really need.
  6. Power Supplies - A bad power supply is the easiest mistake you can make.
  7. Input - How do you want to control your games?
  8. Imaging - A simple guide to putting your chosen Image on your chosen storage option.
  9. Assembly - Various guides for assembling SBCs and cases together.
  10. Game Sources - A rough collection of links to free and paid games you can legally get for your SBC.



  • ROM Management < What you need to read to hopefully get arcade games working.


These items are not directly related to SBC gaming, but for more advanced SBC build projects you may want to dive into them.

r/SBCGaming Resources

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